Kashmere Reads| Vibrate Higher Daily by Lalah Delia

If you don’t know who Lalah Delia is, she is a spiritual writer, educator, and certified wellness practitioner. She has been seen on PBS, Forbes, and other major platforms expressing the importance of vibrating higher in your everyday life. I have been a fan since I started randomly seeing her quotes float around on Tumblr and Twitter under the name Lalah LoveBliss. So when I learned that she was coming out with a book, I HAD to purchase it right away.

Vibrate Higher Daily, Live Your Power by Lalah Delia is written in a minimalist manner but she gives really great quotes as well as guidance for living a high vibration lifestyle. She briefly speaks on her own journey and how she became the Lalah we see today. The pain she went through and how she transmuted that energy into positive healing energy for a better life was very interesting to me. She speaks on how food plays a great percentage in our healing because food caters to our vibrations and how we feel on a daily basis. Our outer environment isn’t the only thing that affects but our inner environment, our temple, affects us too.

Our vibration dictates daily what side of life we are on.

Vibrate Higher Daily by Lalah Delia

I love how she discusses the different metaphoric terrains we journey through in our lives. We can experience either one or more terrain in our journey and these experiences are actually sacred moments in our life that help us gain clarity. She describes each of the five terrains and gives us their purposes as well as how to overcome them. There are reflective questions to help you see where you are at in your life as well. I love how Lalah speaks on the power of equanimity which is a Buddhist practice that teaches balance. It covers authenticity, using your discernment, and the power of releasing to heal yourself. Designing a lifestyle inward and outward that keeps your energy at a healing frequency gives a continuous feeling of protection, love, peace, creativity, vitality, and happiness.

What I will say what I didn’t like is that it does feel redundant in certain areas of the book. I wish that she dug a bit deeper into the certain subjects she discussed in the book. In all honesty, I felt that it was a bit brisked with information but if you are new to high vibrational living, this is it.

I enjoyed this book and I feel as though this is a great book to start with when you are JUST starting your spiritual journey. If you know someone who is interested in healing and is just starting, this is the perfect book to recommend. This book can be a gentle reminder for you to improve your life. AND, if you go to vibratehigherdaily.com she gives in-depth workshops and other content for a monthly fee on her site. Plus you can enjoy her meditations on the Insight timer too. Perhaps get the book, read it and then take her courses because there is boundless information on her website.

✨This isn’t an ad. I know I got a little bit sponsorship-ish towards the end. Lol! I just wanted to share the many tools she has provided for people to get into their authentic selves.

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