What is being That Girl? It seems to me that this challenge is about glowing up and upgrading yourself. This obviously include exercising, health, productivity, self care, and mental care. My first introduction to this trend was on TikTok and it inspired me personally because who doesn’t want to become That Girl. I started to watch videos of participate in the trend of “becoming That Girl” just for inspiration. Some YouTubers have expressed that it has help them with their mental, emotional and physical state. Some have expressed that it has help the become more consistent in their daily habits and routines. Others have express that that it’s just flat out toxic. One girl in particular stated that “it is teaching people to be skinny and I don’t look like that.”🙄🤔 I saw someone comment about it not being able to do it because of the aesthetic. The last comment I saw people expressed that they cannot afford to do this trend. Look, I understand how it is being portrayed but you have the power to show the image that you desire to see. Plus, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. If you do not have that aesthetic, THAT IS OKAY! If you are not skinny, THAT IS OKAY!! If you are not RICH…THAT IS OKAY TOO!!! The whole point is to work on becoming THAT girl that YOU desire to be and it can be down outside of social media.

I believe that it actually should be down for yourself and not for the likes on Instagram. Once you remove the fluff you will see that it’s just taking care of your self. You don’t have to have the aesthetic and tons of money to do this. You can manifest your way towards that style of living but you are okay where you are at NOW! It’s just simply self care and morning routine.

Overall, I have seen people participate in this trend and made it fit to who they are as a person. Some woke up around 7 or 8 in the morning instead of 5 am. Some people add their friends as accountability partners. It is up to you and if you desire to document it than by all means do so. Do what works for you and what makes you feel like THAT Girl or THAT Queen.

XOXO, Kymberlé