The “That Girl” Trend

What is being That Girl? It seems to me that this challenge is about glowing up and upgrading yourself. This obviously include exercising, health, productivity, self care, and mental care. My first introduction this trend was on TikTok and it inspired me personally because who doesn’t want to become That Girl. I started to watch videos of people becoming That Girl and some YouTubers have expressed that it has help them with their mental or emotional illness. I have saw people say that it has help them stay consistent with their habits or routines. And then I came across comments expressing that it’s flat out toxic. One girl in particular stated that “it is teaching people to be skinny and I don’t look like that.”🙄🤔 I saw someone comment about not being able to forward the aesthetic. And this is where I disagree because now you are comparing yourself to others. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. If you do not have that aesthetic, THAT IS OKAY! If you are not skinny, THAT IS OKAY!! The whole point is to work on becoming THAT girl that YOU desire to be.

Start where you are! There are so many different aesthetics out there. Pick one that fits who you are and stop comparing yourself to other people. You are not where they are in their life and that is fine. There is nothing wrong with glowing up or being your best self. Your journey is different than everyone else’s journey. Plus, we have to stop wanting to look a certain way for social media. You can do this just for yourself and truly advise that more than anything. Stop punishing people for their rights of abundance because you are not there yet. Stop projecting your negativity and jealously on to people you are actually inspired by.

Overall, I have seen people participate in this trend and made it fit to who they are as a person. Some woke up around 7 or 8 in the morning instead of 5 am. Some people add their friends as accountability partners. It is up to you and if you desire to document it than by all means. Do what works for you and what makes you feel like THAT Girl or THAT Queen.

XOXO, Kymberlé

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