Manifestation Techniques

What probably peaked your interest in the law of attraction was reading or watching the documentary, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes. I was introduce to The Secret in high school by my Grandma and didn’t really take it serious. The title felt gimmicky and I felt like it was one of those books that once you purchase it, the “secret” in the book isn’t really a secret.

As time passed, I end up watching the documentary on Netflix and I truly enjoyed the information shared in the documentary. The Secret made me realize moments in my life that I had manifest but didn’t realize that I did.

Since then, I have watched a great amount of YouTube videos about the Law of Attraction and notice that there are countless ways to attract what you desire. I know I am not the only one who get those YouTube video recommendations that are titled, ” The One Thing You Can Do To Attract Instantly,” or “Do This One Thing To Attract What You Desire.” Those videos titles always get instant click and watch from me.

I have listed these techniques down below but before you read them I wanted to let you know this. With manifestation, you have to have connection and alignment. Read them and do your own research to get a greater knowledge of how it’s done. Do what feel right for you! What is meant for you is for you and be patient in your manifestation journey.

The Techniques

  • Scripting: scripting is when you write a story about your life and how you desire it to be. You can write out how your day went. Write it as if it had already happened and with great detail.
  • Meditation: a method you can use for mental clarity, awareness, emotional stability, and calmness. Meditation helps with mindfulness and it helps with redirecting your thoughts. There are many different meditation techniques that can help you in your journey. Different postures and mantras as well as other methods that can better your experience. I recommend starting with 2 minute meditation and work your way up to 10 or 30 minute sessions.
  • Visualization: using your imagination to visualize what you desire with vivid details. Creating imagery in your mind of your desired outcomes or situations. This is also considered as a form of meditation as well. I recommend reading Creative Visualization by Shakit Gawin for a better understanding of visualization techniques. Especially if you are a Pisces, this book is teaches how to visualize and make positive changes in your real world.
  • Visual Boards: a collage of everything you desire in your life. It can be affirmations and mantras that really speaks to your soul. This can be done on a poster board, on your phone, or a binder.
  • Uncluttered Space: your space is a reflection of your mind. So when you organize and remove things that no longer serve you, this makes space for your blessing.
  • Altar: Awesome way to connect spiritually with your Angels and Ancestors and God. It’s a visual space to help you focus on praying, affirmation, honor, and giving gratitude!
  • Focus Wheel: created by Abraham Hicks. The purpose of this is to shift your vibrations from negative to positive by creating a circle. In the circle is another circle and in this circle, you put something positive. In the outer circle, you write statements that match the inner circle.
  • Routine and Rituals: having a morning or evening routine helps with boosting vibration energy before starting the day and ending the day. Create a ritual for your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being can help with manifestation.
  • Mirror Technique: this technique is you standing in front of the mirror and take a deep breath to center yourself before you begin. you basically talk to yourself and tell yourself great things. “Sasha you look cute and your eyes or beautiful” or ” I am beautiful and I love my hair” You have to look at yourself and connect while doing this method.
  • 2 Cup Method: this method is quantum jumping. You get two cups and fill one with water. The cup with the water is your current situationa and the cup with out is your desired situation. I recommend watching this video for extra details.
  • 55 x 5 or 33 x 3 technique: writing what you desire 55 times for 5 days or 33 times for 3 days or 44 times for 4 days straight. Some people do 22 x 2 as well. Every time you write your desire statement down, make sure you read it out loud for 55 times or 44 times.
  • Letting Go| Release Method: this method is to help with understanding and letting go of stagnant energy that is holding you back. Letting go helps with making room for your blessings.
  • Ho’oponopono Affirmation Meditation: The Ho’oponopono meditation is on YouTube and it’s basically Hawaiian tradition. It’s mantras of forgiveness and reconciliation that you repeat over and over again. This method helps with forgiving and it helps remove that block energy so you can heal.
  • Gratitude: showing appreciation and being thankful for what you already have or don’t have. You can write a list of what you are grateful for.
  • Prayer: a devoted petition and worship to God.
  • Fixed Candles: A form of alchemy to boost manifestation energy through candle magic. You can take a colored candle and dress the candle with oils and herbs. You can learn this on YOUTUBE. Place your intentions on the candle and watch it materialize in your life.
  • Affirmation| Mantra: Words or sayings or sounds you repeat constantly. This helps with your subconscious mind.
  • Bath Ritual: A cleansing ritual and you can remove negative energy and also allow the flow of money, health, happiness, and love into your life. you are using the element of water like magic. you can place candles, crystals, herbs, flowers, and smudge while doing this ritual.
  • Sound Healing: Using instruments or vocals to heal your frequencies and vibrations. this is use to align chakras, relax your mind and body.
  • Crystal Healing: Meditate with crystals to help align and protect your energy. Set attentions with crystals and program them with your intentions. You can place your crystal around and on your chakra points to cleanse and heal your energy.
  • Manifest List: It’s a list of things you desire to manifest with out great detail. It’s brief and short.
  • Intention List: A list of intentions you set for the day or for work etc. Great to do in the morning after your prayer and meditation.
  • As If : Living as if you already have it instead of living as if you are waiting for it. The way you eat, dress, move, and think can help you manifest the life you dream of living.

There are more methods you can research and learn to help you with your manifestation journey. For example, taking a bay leaf and writing your desire on it then burning it has help people manifest money. What is in your pantry as well as in your seasoning cabinet can help attract your desires. Do the research and see what works for you.

Now I have tried the 55×5 method, Scripting, 2 Cup Method, and Mirror technique. The only one that I have been consistent with is the Mirror Technique and this method has actually boost my confidence. I think consistency and developing a routine helps with manifestation.

I hope this helps with your journey,


*I had actually created this list in the Boss Babe Facebook group which was created by Sparklee Marie. I don’t think the group exist any more due to the the scammers and religious people within the group.

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