It’s My Birthday!!! 3/12

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Today is the 71st day of the year and we have 294 years days left in 2020. It’s been a crazy three months so far. We lost Kobe Bryant and now we are dealing with this virus called Coronavirus. It’s just been really tough.

My best advice for dealing with this virus is to not be fearful because fear stresses your body. Stress weakens your body and makes it easier to get sick. Just work on your mental health, take care of your immune system and practice cleanliness.

Today I am going to re-study my real estate material. I have to attend a entrepreneurship class in the afternoon. I am just happy to see another year around the sun! I am happy to be where I am today because I am in a better and brighter atmosphere. I am so grateful to be living and breathing. 2020 so far has been tough but I am determined to make it my best year and beyond.

So I am going to leave you all with some affirmations to better your mindset during this time.

  1. Today is a new day and a new opportunity to start fresh on a good note!!
  2. I am constantly striving to raise my vibrations through good thoughts, words and actions.
  3. I am highly blessed and protected! Thank God(whoever you believe in) for always being around me!
  4. I am letting go of what no longer serves me in 2020 and I am open to new opportunities.

Have an amazing and abundant day today! And don’t fear nobody but God!

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